About BistroBess

I started BistroBess in 2009. I just discovered the world of food blogging, and after hours and hours poring over blogs, bookmarking things, trying and tweaking recipes, I decided to throw my hat in the proverbial ring. Despite some starts and stops, BistroBess has proven to be a great creative outlet, and a nice distraction from the reality of my day job. Getting compliments and encouragement from friends and strangers has been pretty nice, too!

A little about me. I’m 31, married, live in the DC area, work for the Federal Government. I come from a family of really good cooks, and grew up in  frozen/canned/prepared foods free house.  Well, except for a stretch where my sister insisted on eating bagelbites…but only for breakfast.  I love to cook and entertain and spend time with friends and family. I like wine, Mexican food, reading, the Real Housewives of Anywhere, Tory Burch flats and sleeping in.  I don’t like hardboiled eggs, bleu cheese, getting up early, the DC Metro and heights.  I do all the cooking and writing, my husband does all the dishes and photography.  It works out nicely.

My hope is to continue to provide fun, delicious, usually healthy, usually easy recipes.  You can be sure they have all been tested and approved!  It’s a snapshot of how we really eat, and I hope you enjoy it.

Please feel free to contact me at bistrobess@gmail.com with any questions, comments or suggestions!


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