Product placement that would make The Biggest Loser proud!

So.  Hi!  Remember me?  Ok, most of you know me anyway, so remember how I used to do this blogging thing and it was fun and the pictures were pretty and we all gained a couple of pounds?  Yes, well, hello again.  After a few month hiatus brought on by weddings, extreme dietary restrictions (self imposed!), and laziness, I am back. 

While I do have a backlog of pictures of yummy, and healthy things, this post is actually not about something I cooked.  Over the past few months, I have turned to several prepackaged foods as an easy way to count calories.  Occasionally here on the blog, I will share some product that I have found to be a tasty, healthy go-to on a night where you may not have the time or motivation to cook a full meal.  Consider it a public service announcement.  You’re welcome. 

My favorite things are easily the Morningstar Farms products.  I realize frozen veggies burgers are sooooooo not foodie.  But I dare you to try their spicy black bean burgers or corndogs (yes, veggies corndogs for 150 calories a pop) and not love them.   Even the bf loves the corndogs, and said last night they are better than real ones.  There is no higher praise.   And they are good for you!  All natural, generally high in fiber, etc.  Win!

I also made oven fries and a salad last night, so I didn’t cheat completely.  Just so you know I am not a total foodie fraud.  More real recipes soon.

You won't be sorry

You won't be sorry


1 thought on “Product placement that would make The Biggest Loser proud!

  1. I fell in love with the Morning Star corn dogs awhile back. Only all of my local grocery stores stopped carrying them! Every time I’m in the grocery store freezer section, I always look in the Morning Star section for them. I have never seen them again.. almost two years now.

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