Healthy Tacos – A Bit of Trial and Error

At least I got some pretty pictures!

At least I got some pretty pictures!

Tacos.  Who doesn’t love them, honestly?  Not only are they easy to eat and portable, they also pack everything you could need for a balanced meal into a tidy (sometimes!) little package. 

I decided to do a healthy chicken taco in corn tortillas, with black beans and Southwestern slaw.  I adapted the slaw recipe from here, subbing in lime juice for lemon, and adding a little hot sauce.  It was great, light and fresh.  The black beans are my own standard concoction: a little minced onion, a can of chopped green chiles, garlic, cumin and a can of black beans cooked up with some water (maybe ½ a cup) and mashed slightly with a fork.   I baked the chicken simply with chili powder and salt and pepper. 

Each component was quite tasty, as was the store bought mango salsa.  But when we went to dig in, something was missing.  The corn tortillas were drier than usual, and the whole mixture was in need of some sauciness, for lack of a real word.   I ended up turning the ingredients into a salad and scrapping the tortillas, which helped.  In the future, I would probably add some sort of sour cream sauce or cook the chicken in some tomatoes and spices.  

Little mess ups sometimes frustrate me, but will lead to a better dish next time!  And I rarely mind the taste tests.  🙂



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